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👽 Lakshman Kambam

🚀 FullStack Developer 🚀

🌱 JavaScript 🌱 ReactJs 🌱 ReactNative 🌱 Redux 🌱 MongoDB 🌱 NodeJs

🌏 Hyderabad, TS


👋 My name is Lakshman, I am a FullStack Developer residing in Hyderabad.

After spending some years working as a designer, I found myself yearning for a role that involved more connection, collaboration and problem solving. And so I dove head first into the world of programming and have never looked back. I love to learn new things and brainstorm with other talented people to generate ideas that each of us alone may never have thought of. Empathy and an innate ability to see the world from different perspectives are traits that make me confident that I have found my perfect fit in this world of human centered design and development. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve and stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies. I'll play video games a lot when i get some free time to experience virtual reality.

If you have any questions, would like to know more about me or have an interest in working together, please get in touch!

Lakshman Kambam 👨‍🚀

My Resume


Research and Planning | UX

Once you have a well formed brief, with every aspect of the application well thought out we then begin to approach the User Experience.

User Interface Design | UI

We will now have some solid plans and know the app or website functions inside out, we will have detailed wireframes that we can refer to incase of any questions or problems.


When all the UX and UI designs have been finished and signed off it's time to get the application or website developed.

Project goes Live

Congratulations, we have tackled the idea, UX, UI and got the project developed.


During all these years I have had the chance to work with amazing people along with very creative and exciting teams.
With their permission I have included some of their comments about our work experience together.


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